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Biggest Loser Competition

June 30, 2021
On April 1st, 2021, Jefferson Healthcare Center's 24 Biggest Loser contestants had their first weigh-in with a group weight of 5,435 pounds. The Biggest Loser weight loss competition would take place over two months. The participants all paid in, and the winner would receive $580 on the day of the final weigh-in!

Our staff is constantly taking care of others, and we wanted to encourage and remind them to take care of themselves.

The competition was based on total body weight percentage loss, and each week the participants would weigh-in. On top of the main objective, the participants took part in multiple side challenges. The first side challenge, a guessing game of the total weight of the entire group, was won by Janice Henton. The group took part in a walking challenge to see who could walk the most steps in one week; Jason Dufour was our winner with a total of 115,203 steps. Jason also won our squats challenge the following week. The contestants took part in a cooking challenge; Best Dish Under 500 Calories. Angie White was our winner, and let me tell you, it was delicious! Our final side challenge, another guessing game of the total weight loss of the group. This side challenge was won by Amy Falcione.

Our competition came to an end on May 28th, 2021, as our contestant weighed in one last time, resulting in a total group weight of 5,127.6 pounds, a total weight loss of 262.4 pounds! The winner of the Biggest Loser competition was Nikki Daigle with a total weight loss percentage of 13.35.

Our runner-up, Angie White, expressed, “The Biggest Loser contest was so much fun! I am a competitive person in general. So it was a hoot to come to work and encourage, playfully taunt, and challenge my coworkers! Such a morale booster. Losing 29lbs didn't hurt either!"

Sarah Lister, one of the competition's front leaders, said, "I had fun doing the biggest loser challenge. It was great motivation, and I look forward to doing it again!"

Erica Virmala stated, "The biggest loser competition was so much fun. Being able to watch the staff check out weekly results as a team, deciding weekly side challenges like the most squats and the recipe challenge, it was a great team-building experience for everyone. The top weight loss leaders became to be scrappy but friendly in competition. I can’t wait to do it again!”

Our fourth-place contestant, Andrew Showalter, said, "I liked how competitive it got between staff members while still being fun. It was great being held accountable at the weekly weigh-ins, it helped keep me on track."

Nikki Daigle, Biggest Loser Competition Winner, receiving winning prize

Even those who did not participate in the competition had a blast watching the staff in their competitive state. Each week it was amazing to see how excited and proud the staff members were about their weight loss. They were very enthusiastic, sharing what they were doing to lose weight. It was truly amazing to see the participant's transformations over the two months. Stay tuned for our next Biggest Loser competition starting August 2021!

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