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Indoor Visitation Guidelines for Jefferson Healthcare Center

October 13, 2020
Jefferson, Ohio - Dear Residents and Family Members,

I am writing to update you on the order by the Ohio Department of Health that permits indoor visitation starting October 12, 2020. We are very excited to have you return to our facility. There are requirements regarding indoor visitation that are mandated by the Ohio Department of Health that are included in this letter. Jefferson Health Care also have guidelines to assure your visit is as safe as can be. Please know that when visiting a congregate care setting such as ours there is a risk of COVID-19 exposure. Please consider this when choosing to visit.

Jefferson Health Care may permit indoor visitation if there has been no new onset of COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days. If your loved one is in isolation precautions, an indoor visit will not be permitted until the precautions have been lifted. The facility may consider the amount of community spread in our area and local hospital capacity when scheduling indoor visits.

Please contact Activities Department at 440-576-0060 to schedule your visit. Please enter the facility at the back entrance. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this pandemic. We know the value that your visit will bring in helping our residents through this challenging time.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any further questions or concerns.


Jefferson Healthcare Administrator

Indoor Visitation Requirements as directed by the Ohio Department of Health

  • The Facility may permit indoor visitation to take place in a designated area of the facility that is separate from the resident’s room and provides space for social distancing.

  • Visits to the facility must be scheduled in advance. The resident may have no more than 2 visitors at a time for no longer than 30 minutes. If a child visits, they should be at the age of maturity that will permit the wearing of a face covering and understanding of social distancing.

  • The Facility will screen visitors for COVID-19 symptoms and ask questions about exposure to COVID-19. Hand hygiene will be required before visitation occurs. The visitor will be required to show identification and provide contact information to the facility.

  • The Facility will require a face covering for all visitors for the entire visit. The mask will be provided by the facility. The Facility may not permit any visitation to occur if the visitors are not wearing face coverings. The visit should remain contact-free and social distanced.

If a visitor does not adhere to the guidelines, visitation will not be permitted and the visitor will be asked to leave the facility.

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