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National Social Worker Month at Jefferson Healthcare Center

March 16, 2020
Jefferson, Ohio - Jefferson Healthcare would like to wish our Social Worker Ashely Collins, a Happy Social Workers Month. She has worked for foundations for seven years. I am currently working full - time at Jefferson Healthcare, a full-time student at Kent State University in Ashtabula as well as being a full-time parent to a teenaged girl. There's nothing more that I enjoy about my job than getting to know my residents. I love to hear their history. There's always wisdom and knowledge in each one of their stories. I look forward to hearing many more stories in my future.
We love you and the residents do too.

News & Events

Jeopardy Games at Jefferson Healthcare Center
Our residents are enjoying the activities at Jefferson!

Jefferson Healthcare Center Update, Virtual Communication Invite
The staff at Jefferson are dedicated to the care or the residents of our facility.

All Smiles at Jefferson Nursing Home
Our residents enjoy our beautiful bird aviary.

Statement Regarding COVID-19
Ensuring our staff and residents are in a safe and healthy environment is our greatest concern.

Blood Drive at Jefferson Nursing Home
Stop by Wednesday, March 11 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

Lakeside Choir Visits Jefferson Nursing Home
Thank you for visiting Jefferson Healthcare!

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